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Welcome to Conjur! You'll find everything you need here to get started with Conjur, learn the client and server tools, and build innovative access management solutions.

Server Installation »

Conjur is a virtual appliance, which you launch and configure in your own cloud account.

Client Installation »

Conjur is managed and customized via command-line interface (CLI), API client libraries, and HTTP.

Reference Guide »

Detailed information about all aspects of the Conjur server, client, and tools.

Downloads »

Download Conjur client tools and other software.


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Recent Updates

  • [ 2014-09-24 ] Puppet Install Conjur client, install or boostrap host identity and use Conjur to keep your secrets out of manifests and master.
  • [ 2014-09-04 ] Chef Bootstrap host identity using Chef, and install and configure Conjur using Chef cookbooks.
  • [ 2014-08-31 ] Host Factory Integrate host identity with cloud management, orchestration, and configuration management tools
  • [ 2014-08-08 ] Host Management Creating and managing hosts.